Process of Arya Samaj Marriage

First of all, tell about your plan of wedding and related problems to Mr. CP Shastri +91-9460480104

After that, you can book any particular date as per your convenience for marriage. You can book a date on phone or while visiting our Mandir. You don’t need to come if you book on phone.

On telephonic booking you just need to tell your name, mobile number, address, date and time of wedding. Since we do not tell about auspicious occasion, auspicious date or time, please don’t discuss with us on these issues.

According to Arya Samaj, every day is ordained by God and no particular day is good or bad, hence it is a complete orthodox and it is foolish to believe in auspicious or inauspicious occasions in this modern age. In our country, these kind Orthodox matters have been fed into the minds of simple Hindus by Pandits for their vested interests.

Thus, we Hindus have been getting fooled for thousands of years back. If you want to know the truths of auspicious occasions, please read in detail on this topic in FAQ section of Index on Home Page and all your confusions and apprehensions will be cleared.


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